IGEO Eco: respect and protection of the environment

The Order of the Land Surveyors has chosen to establish an Agenda 21 for the entire profession as part of its engagement towards a sustainable development.


IGEO Conseils made the choice of a structure engaged for protecting the environment.

In order to limit space occupation but also in order to reduce individual consumption, IGEO Conseils made the choice of sharing its facilities with other professionnals (parkings, meeting rooms, internet connection).

In order to make our waste re-usable, IGEO Conseils made the choice for environmental-friendly materials :

  • Use of led-lights for our luminairs,
  • Use of biodegradable cups,
  • Office supplies (pens, USB sticks) derived from reused materials,
  • Recycling of ink cartridges.

We have made the choice also to configure all our printers in ink saving mode by default and all our working stations and laptops in energy saving mode.

At IGEO Conseils, we strive to honour the approach of the Order of the Land Surveyors for a sustainable environment.